IASMEN Newsletter

Takashi Higashiguchi, Japan
President IASMEN


Dear Colleagues and friends


Greeting from IASMEN! Since the last newsletter was published, longer than a half year has passed. The winter is almost over and the spring is just around the corner. However, the winter in Japan has been wired this year as it has been so warm. Since it might be caused by global warming, we cannot be pleased with this comfortable change of climate.


First of all, I am delighted to invite all of you to 48th world congress of surgery.  This year’s meeting in Krakow, Poland is shaping up to be one of our best. IASMEN will offer several exciting sessions that you shouldn’t miss. Several of the IASMEN highlights are as follows;


First and foremost, we are excited to host ISDS/IASMEN collaborated session about Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, ERAS. ERAS is a paradigm shift in perioperative care, resulting in substantial improvements in clinical outcomes and cost savings. ERAS is a multimodal, multidisciplinary approach to the care of the surgical patient and its care protocol is based on published evidence. The elements of the protocol reduce the stress of the operation to retain anabolic homeostasis. Implementation of ERAS programs results in major improvements in clinical outcomes and cost, making ERAS an important example of value-based care applied to surgery. IASMEN/FELAC joint session will also contribute this topic from different point of view. Second, for the purpose of expanding our knowledge of metabolism in surgical field, both IASMEN/ISBI and IASMEN/IATSIC collaborated session will be focused on the nutrition and metabolism of patients with severe trauma and major surgery. We will also accept abstracts from all over the world about wide variety of topics related to nutrition and metabolism from clinical to basic research.


The nutritional care for surgical patients has been recognized to be essential. This consensus has expanded by intensifying research in the fields of clinical nutrition and metabolism. Our mission is to investigate biological reaction and nutrient metabolism toward not only the surgical stress but any pathological condition by basic and clinical research. We need to keep creating the firm basis of the knowledge about nutrition and metabolism in the field of surgery and making contribution to the evolution of current medical science.

I sincerely look forward to meeting you at 48th World Congress of Surgery that will take place in Krakow August, 2019. Do not miss any of our outstanding sessions during this meeting.


Best wishes,


Takashi Higashiguchi
President of IASMEN
Professor & Director of Department of Surgery & Palliative Medicine
Fujita Health University School of Medicine, Japan


Successive Presidents of IASMEN in IASMEN/WCS 2017, at Basel, Switzerland

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